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149 applications for Major Cultural Projects

The application for Alfred Kordelin Foundation’s major cultural projects funding and grants from city and dedicated funds ended on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

149 large cultural projects applications were sent by the deadline. The number of applications remained at the same level as last year (146 applications in 2022). The applications are evaluated by the multidisciplinary expert group of the Alfred Kordelin Foundation. Applicants who have reached the final stage will be invited to present their projects at the beginning of March. Decisions on funded projects are made by the foundation’s board in March. We will send information about the decisions by e-mail to all applicants at the end of March.

A total of 362 applications, including award proposals, arrived for the Foundation’s City and dedicated funds. The total number of grant applications and award proposals increased by +58% from last year. Grant applications from city and dedicated funds are evaluated by the committee of each fund. The Foundation’s board decides on the funds’ grants at the end of March. We will inform all applicants about the results of the search by e-mail.

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