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50 000 € Alfred Kordelin prizes awarded to three recipients

This year the Alfred Kordelin Foundation Prize is awarded to the Conductor Dalia Stasevska, to Minna Halme, Professor of Sustainability Management and to Ilari Sääksjärvi, Professor in Biodiversity Research.

Each prize amounts to 50 000 euros. The Alfred Kordelin Prize is awarded every year in Finland to key future actors, who, through their activities in the field of science, culture and civil society, have created the conditions for s stronger, diverse and sustainable society, and for a better future.

”The objective of the Kordelin Foundation is to provide extensive support to Finnish science and arts. This broad scope and multidisciplinary approach is visible in the 48 prize candidacies received by the Foundation. This year’s prizewinners are the best representatives of key future actors, as, in addition to their outstanding merits, they have also been able to touch many with their actions. For Alfred Kordelin, it was always important that as many as possible could have access to the achievements of science and culture”, states Juha Laaksonen, the Chairman of the Prize Committee.

Photos: Dalia Stasevska, Ilari Sääksjärvi (Photo Hanna Oksanen/ UTU) and Minna Halme (Photo Mikko Käkelä).

The Prize Committee’s award criteria

Conductor Dalia Stasevska

”I value playfulness. If one is fearless and spontaneous, unexpected things and realisations always tend to happen”, says Stasevska.

In a short time period, Stasevska has become one of the most famous conductors worldwide. According to the award reasoning, Stasevska is a future cultural player who has, in the course of her impressive career as conductor, shown great willingness to influence our society in order to build a more sustainable, equal and just world. Stasevska is an artist, an influencer and a role model to young virtuosos.

Stasevska graduated from the Sibelius Academy at the University of the Arts Helsinki, which has produced several internationally renowned conductors. In addition to classical music, she is widely interested in different music genres and other art forms, especially modern art, from where she draws influence to her work. Currently Stasevska is the Chief Conductor of Lahti Symphony Orchestra, holds the post of Principal Guest Conductor to the BBC Symphony Orchestra and is the Artistic Director to the International Sibelius Festival.

Minna Halme, Professor of Sustainability Management

Minna Halme has made a significant career in the field of corporate responsibility. According to the award reasoning, Halme is a respected scientist, teacher and societal contributor. Through her work she shows, great commitment and is true to her own teachings.

The award reasoning states that in her research, Halme has demonstrated how business activity can be carried out in a way that it is ecologically and socially more sustainable and economically more sensible in the long term. She has shown how to make use of innovative and novel business models in order to solve broad issues in the field of sustainable development, such as loss of biodiversity, climate change or global poverty.

Minna Halme has made an impact both on a national and international scale and her teachings have spread further through her students and have shaped companies to become more responsible. Her work has directly contributed towards a more sustainable society – both in Finland and globally.

Since 2009, Minna Halme has worked as Professor of Management at the Aalto University School of Business, where she is the co-founder of the cross-disciplinary Creative Sustainability Master Programme, the Aalto Global Impact and the Aalto Sustainability Hub.

Ilari Sääksjärvi, Professor in Biodiversity Research

Ilari Sääksjärvi has a significant career in biodiversity research. The Prize Committee awards Sääksjärvi for his achievements as a scientist, teacher and a societal contributor. The award reasoning specifically emphasize his contribution to scientific teaching: he is a regular contributor at the summer camps of the Children’s University at the Turku University, where he talks about rain forests and nature exploration. He also gives talks at childcare centres and schools.

Sääksjärvi conducts research on nature’s biodiversity and is highly accomplished in the research on the biodiversity of less known tropical insects. Through his research and statements, he has demonstrated the many ways in which loss of biodiversity is linked to the balance between society and environment. We know now that loss of biodiversity and climate change are also linked to health and economy. The Prize Committee finds it exemplary how Sääksjärvi has multiplied and distributed knowledge and insight on nature’s biodiversity and the loss of it.

Currently Ilari Sääksjärvi is the Director of the Biodiversity Unit at the University of Turku and the Vice Chair of the Finnish Nature Panel.

Proposal of prizes, the Prize Committee, selection

In May 2022, the Foundation requested proposals for prize candidates from Finnish universities, artists’ and cultural associations and from previous prizewinners. The prizewinners were chosen by the Committee composed of journalist Tuija Siltamäki, author Tiina Raevaara, Professor Marja Makarow, entrepreneur Mika Anttonen, Chairman of the Foundation’s Board Juha Laaksonen and Vice-Chairman Jukka Seppälä.

Alfred Kordelin prizes are awarded yearly on Alfred Kordelin´s birthday 6th of November.

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