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An additional grant application for a Digital Leap in Culture

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation will open an additional grant application on 20. ‒ 26.4.2020. The grant is for the purpose of creating digital contents and sharing them on various platforms; for experiments implemented digitally; and/or developing one’s own operational methods.

The grant is aimed at professionals in the field of culture, and its intended use is the creation of literature, art, and public education. Grants can be applied for by private individuals and working groups.

The size of the grant is €3,000. It is intended to be used for work from 20 May to 31 August 2020 and can be applied for by both individuals and working groups. It can also be applied for by those who received a Kordelin grant in the August 2019 application. Applying for or receiving a grant that is now being applied for does not preclude you from applying for a grant in the Kordelin Foundation’s normal application in August.

Grants are applied for online. More information: https://kordelin.fi/en/grants/digital-leap-for-culture-grant

The application period is from 20 to 26 April 2020. The application period begins on 20 April at 9 a.m and closes on the last day of the application period at 4 p.m. Finnish time.

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