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Application round 1-15.8.2018

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation August application round has started.  The application period is 1 to 15 August 2018. The application and its appendices must be sent via this online service no later than 15 August at midnight Finnish time. Finnish citizens and private individuals, working groups and collectives who reside in Finland can apply for grants.

Foundation awards primarily personal working grants with a duration of 12 or 6 months, in the amount of €24,000 or €12,000, for the fields of science,literature, art, and public education. Project grants can be awarded to working groups and collectives. A project grant can be max. €30,000, for a max. duration of 12 months. Further reading:

Public education
For grant applicant

Please make sure that you have filled in usage reports on prior grants you have received from the Kordelin Foundation. Grant applications cannot be made before grant usage report/s have been submitted.


Further information

Marita Seitsalo
09 6840 1234