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August grant appication ends soon – Last minute technical tips

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation’s August grant application round ends on Saturday 15 August at 24:00 Finnish time. Applications must be submitted via the online service by the deadline. The foundation’s office is closed on Saturday 15 August.

Grants online service: https://kordelin.apurahat.fi/haku/UserLogin.aspx?kieli=englanti

We have put together last minute technical tips and advice for filling out the application form.

Technical tips and instructions for filling in the application form


Application period and submitting the application

  • The search service closes on Saturday 15 August at 24:00. The application must be submitted through the online application service  by the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • An application is submitted when its status has changed from “Incomplete” to “Sent” in the online service.

Logging in to the system

  • Make sure you have the correct username
  • If you have forgotten your password, order a new password in the e-mail with which you have registered for the service. The password message also contains your username.
  • Enter the password you received by hand, do not “paint” and copy it.
  • Always use the latest password you ordered.
  • If you don’t receive a new password, check your spam and that the email address you entered is correct.
  • If the login still fails, try changing your browser, restarting your browser, and / or clearing your cache.
  • If you don’t see your application after signing in, you’ve probably created multiple accounts.

Editing a submitted application

  • The submission of the application can be canceled and the application modified within the application period with the following instructions: The application can be modified when the status of the application is “In progress”. Within the application period, the submission of the application can be canceled and the application can be returned for editing by opening the submitted application and pressing “Cancel sending the application to the Alfred Kordelin Foundation”. The information in the application will not be lost even if the submission of the application is canceled. Make the changes you want, be sure to save and resubmit your application.
  • An application is submitted when its status is in the application list “Submitted”. After the application deadline, the application can no longer be modified or supplemented.

The duration of Working

  • If you are applying for a work grant, be it a work group or an individual, enter the duration of work in months in the Duration of work field. The application will not be sent if the duration of the work is “0” when applying for a work grant.
  • If none of the members of the working group has been working on the grant for more than four months, record the duration of the work as one member. (E.g if the members of the working group work 1 month 1 month and 2 months, mark the duration of the work 2 months)
  • The applicant shall indicate the total working period of the working group in months when the working period of at least one member of the group is 4 months or more. (Ex. 4 + 2 +1 = 7 months)
  • If “Expense Grant” is selected as the grant type, the duration of work will automatically change to zero (0). Check that you have selected the right type of grant if you are applying for a working grant.


  • When applying as working group, the CVs of all members of the working group must be attached
  • When applying as a community, The CV of the project leader (eg project manager or coordinator) must be attached
  • All attachments must be in pdf format.

Invalid grant amount

  • Make sure you enter the amount of the grant you are applying for in whole numbers only (NO special characters, spaces or €).