Alfred Kordelin
Foundation 1920–2020

Cenetary events

Centenary concert, 18 April in Rauma, and 25 April in Helsinki (CANCELED for now)

The Centenary Concert celebration, organised by the Foundation, tells the story of seven composers supported by the Kordelin Foundation. The concert will feature works by well-known composers such as Helvi Leiviskä, Leevi Madetoja, and Aarre Merikanto, who have all received grants from the Foundation. In addition to music, Tapani Länsiö will introduce the audience to the composers, revealing the stories behind their music. The concerts will take place on 17 April in Rauma, and on 25 April in Helsinki.

non-fiction book about the 100-year-old Foundation

In 1935, Mika Waltari received a grant from the Alfred Kordelin Foundation for the purpose of writing a new novel and a new collection of short stories: Waltari’s estimate was that these works were still ‘a long way to go’. The creation and operations of a 100-year-old Foundation, and a description of a changing Finland (Otava). Published in October 2020.


Kultaranta sculpture park exhibition (CANCELED FOR NOW)

Nature is the theme for the three-year season (2020-2022) of the Kultaranta sculpture park in Naantali. The sculpture park exhibition is created in cooperation with the Office of the President of the Republic of Finland.