Major cultural project grants

Collectives, registered associations and companies are eligible to apply for these grants. In certain cases, working groups that consist of private individuals can also be considered. Private individuals cannot apply for grants.

Application period: 1.-31.1.2019
Decision: March 2019

The purpose of the Kordelin Foundation is to support science and culture. We accomplish this by giving one to five major cultural grants of between EUR 70,000 and  150,000 annually. A grant may be awarded either for a limited duration project or for the development of longer-term activities.

The Foundation can either fund the project altogether or act as its main financier. Grants can be applied for one or two years. In 2019, the Foundation’s contribution per project may not exceed EUR 70 000 – 150 000. If a project is awarded two-year funding, the application must still be drawn up separately both years of operation. The grant is to be used for work that starts during the year the grant was awarded. Grants are not awarded for projects or events that have been implemented prior to the grant decision in March, or for expenses generated prior to the grant decision.We require that the applicant defines the project’s self-financing contribution in the application.


The applications are evaluated by a multidisciplinary team of experts from the Alfred Kordelin Foundation. We will, if necessary, contact projects which have been selected in to a shortlist in the beginning of March. The Foundation’s Board of Directors will make desicions on projects funded.

In the evaluation, we note that
  • the applicant is capable of administrating large-scale projects
  • the applicant tells how the operation (if longer-term) is financed after the end of Kordelin support
  • the project is multidisciplinary
  • the applicant has the necessary marketing and communication skills
  • the applicant describes how the project’s success is measured




Grants are applied on the online-service, which will open on January 1, 2019. The application and appendice must be submitted no later than January 31, 2019 at 24:00. The application or attachments will not be sent by mail or email to the foundation.

Additional Information

CEO Erik Båsk
phone (09) 6840 1233