Major cultural project grants

Collectives, registered associations and companies are eligible to apply for these grants. In certain cases, working groups that consist of private individuals can also be considered. Private individuals cannot apply for grants.

Application period: 1.-31.1.2018
Decision: March 2018

Alfred Kordelin’s (1868-1917) idea, written down in the bylaws of the Foundation in 1918, was that ‘work for Finnish culture must be granted support in order to strengthen and deepen it internally, and also to represent Finnishness amongst other nations.’ Moreover, the Foundation wants to support ‘major cultural projects that efficiently promote Finnish culture’.

For what purpose?

Grants can be applied for multi-disciplinary projects that in innovative and sustainable ways reflect Kordelin’s idea of increasing the internal strength and depth of culture. The idea is that applicants will submit their own answers to this question.

We appreciate applicants who have a proven track record of completing sizeable projects. Grants can also be used for supporting the creation of new models of cooperation between various stakeholders, and projects can be international. Working groups that consist of private individuals may be considered, but the applicant must in such cases be a background entity, such as a university or a registered association.

Project duration

Projects can run for one year or for several years, and you can apply for grants from the Kordelin Foundation for one year or two years.  In 2018, the Foundation’s share of financing per project can be between €100,000 and €200,000. The number of grants awarded each year varies from one to five. If a project receives funding for two years, applications must still be drawn up separately for each year of operations.

Grants are awarded for the purpose of using them for expenses that are accrued after the grant was awarded. Projects are required to provide self-financing and itemize it accordingly in the budget. Self-financing can consist of, for example, the salaries of personnel working on the project, or rent for premises used by the project.


Applications are assessed by Alfred Kordelin Foundation’s multi-disciplinary team of experts. Decisions on projects that will receive financing are made by the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

Applying for a grant

The application service opens 1 Jan 2018, and closes on 31 Jan 2018 at midnight. Applications are made in electronic format, and sent, together with their appendices, via the application service. Applications or their appendices may not be sent to the Foundation via mail or email.

If we are receiving applications at this time, please read the questions and answers section first.