For Grant Applicant

Grants are applied for using the electronic form in the online grant service. Before submitting your application, carefully read the instructions of the grant applicant and the application criteria for each application round.


When to apply and for which purpose?

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote and support Finnish science, literature, art and public education. Application periods are in August and January of each year. In January, the application round for Major Cultural Work grants. In the main application round in August, the Foundation awards Yearly grants to private individuals and collectives in the fields of science, arts and public education.

What kind of grant?


The Foundation awards individual working grants with a duration of 12 or 6 months and an amount of €26,000 or €13,000. Collectives can apply for a project grant of max. €35,000. Only private individuals and collectives can apply for a grant.

The Kordelin Foundation does not award grants to working groups. By working group, we mean a group of private individuals that has been created for a specific purpose.

January  | Major cultural projects application round

These grants are intended for collectives, registered associations, and companies. The sum of a two-year Major cultural project grant is min. €100,000 and max. €300,000. One application is made for the two-year grant period.

January | Application round for City funds and Dedicated funds

The Foundation’s City funds award grants for local culture. Grants from dedicated funds are awarded in the fields of chemistry, paediatric heart disease, and research into Estonian and other Finno-Ugric languages. The size of the grant varies from a few hundred euros to a few thousand euros.

Who can apply?

An individual grant can be applied for by Finns or by people who work in Finland for the advancement of Finnish science, culture, and civil society.  A collective applicant could be e.g. an association registered at the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, a cooperative included in the Finnish Trade Register, or a Finnish company.

You can apply for a new grant only after a usage report for a grant previously received from the Foundation has been made.

Grant or salary?

As a rule, we award individual working grants, intended for full-time work, for private individuals. Grants for collectives are project grants.

A working grant is for private individuals, covering the normal personal living costs during a defined time period of full-time work. Costs related to the work performed with the grant, such as e.g. materials costs, can be included in the work.

A prerequisite for a full-time working grant is that the applicant is not a salaried employee. As a recipient of a fulltime working grant, you cannot simultaneously receive a corresponding compensation, such as salary, another working grant, adult education allowance, or unemployment benefits.

Project grants are for collectives. A project grant can be used to cover costs, such as material purchases or assistants’ salaries, which are created by the project or by project-type activities. The compensation paid by a registered association for work done is considered as salary (“Assistants”), for which an employer’s non-wage labour costs must be paid.


How do I apply for a grant using the online grant service?

You can apply for a grant from the Alfred Kordelin Foundation by making a grant application in the online service during the application period. Unless otherwise notified, the service is open until midnight Finnish time on the last day of the application period. The Foundation’s office is open to applicants on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm.

Registration and signing in

  • Since June 2022, you sign in to the grant online service using your personal bank identifiers or a mobile ID. Signing in with bank identifiers or a mobile ID replaces the earlier method of using usernames to sign in.
  • When you sign in with a bank identifier or a mobile ID, the applications, payment requests and reports you may have made earlier using a username and password will no longer be visible to you. If you wish, you can transfer your data in the online service from a username to your personal bank identifier or a mobile ID.
  • If you have any problems signing in, please contact the service provider of the online grant service:

Creating, modifying and sending an application

Sign in to the online grant service via the Foundation’s website
Alfred Kordelin Foundation | Sign in | Grant applicant

Creating an application

  • You can create and send grant applications in the grant online service only during the application period. The possibility to create a grant application will appear in the pull-down menu of the page you arrive at after signing in on the first day of the application period. Create an application by choosing “Create new application or report” from the pull-down menu “Grant application”.
  • First, select the correct application template, and study the criteria of your field and the application round in question prior to submitting your application.

Modifying an application

  • Once you have created a grant application, you can return later to modify it.
  • You can cancel an application that has already been sent during the application period, and restore it to a draft that can be modified. Do remember to resend your modified application during the application period, or it will not be processed by the Foundation.
  • Information in the application cannot be modified after the application period is over. An exception to this are the applications for science in the August application round: with these, you can deliver pre-defined appendices up to a given deadline.

Completing an application

  • Some of the information required in an application is mandatory. If the application is incomplete, the service will prevent it from being sent until the missing information has been added.
  • Do not use special characters in the fields. When entering sums, do not use full stops or commas; instead, enter the sum you apply for as an integer. (Examples: 26000 or 13000)

Status and sending of an application

  • The status of an unsent grant application is draft. The Foundation will not process applications whose status is draft.
  • Once you have filled in the information on all pages of the grant application, send the application via the online service during the application period. The application is sent from the start page of the application, “Send your application to the Alfred Kordelin Foundation”. When the application has been successfully sent, the status of the application on the grant online service main page is Sent. Once the application period is over, the status of the application is “Received”.

When are decisions made

We will send all applicants, using the email address in their application, information on both positive and negative grant decisions.

  • Yearly grants| applicants are informed at the beginning of November
  • City funds and dedicated funds | applicants are informed at the end of March
  • Major cultural projects  | applicants are informed at the end of March