For Grant Recipient

We will inform main fund applicants of our decisions via email in October, and applicants to the city funds and dedicated funds and Major cultural project applicants in March. Grant recipients will receive a stipend folder, which, amongst other things, contains instructions for withdrawing grant money and reporting how the grant was used. If your situation has changed and you are not able to accept the grant that was awarded to you, please contact our office as soon as possible.

Grant usage and payments

The main rule is that grants are to be used within two years of the date when they were awarded.

Application round in August

The grant is for work performed during the calendar year that follows the year the grant was awarded. Grants are not awarded for projects or events that have been implemented prior to the grant decision in October, or for expenses generated prior to the grant decision.

Working during the grant period

The full year working grant, is intented for full-time work and requires leave from regular salaried employment. Similarly, the grantee may not receive other working grants or other types of personal financial support. Grants for expenditures are not limited.

However, a small amount (25 % of salaried work time) is allowed during the grant period in order to enable occasional or part-time jobs. Exceeding the aforesaid limit will affect the amount and duration of the grant and has to be agreed separately.

Major cultural projects application round in January

The grant is to be used for work that starts during the year the grant was awarded. Grants are not awarded for projects or events that have been implemented prior to the grant decision in March, or for expenses generated prior to the grant decision.

City and dedicated funds application round in January

Grants are not awarded for projects or events that have been implemented prior to the grant decision in October, or for expenses generated prior to the grant decision.

A payment request for a grant can be made in the online grant service: you can sign in to the service with the same credentials you used for making your application. If you have problems signing in, please read the questions and answers section first. If your problem is not resolved, please contact We pay out grants once a month, at the beginning of the month. A payment request must be made no later than two weeks prior to the desired payment date.

Mentioning the name of the Foundation

Grant recipients must mention the name of the Alfred Kordelin Foundation in their printed and digital products. You can download the logo of the Foundation here. It is a positive thing if grant recipients gain visibility for their work in media. In such occasions – for example when being interviewed – do mention the grant you have received from the Kordelin Foundation.


The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela handles pension insurance matters for arts and science grant recipients. A grant recipient who resides in Finland and works continuously for a period of at least four months supported by the grant must take out an insurance policy. The obligation to take out an insurance policy applies to recipients of individual grants and members of a working group who work supported by the grant. The leader of a working group must ensure that Mela notifications are made, for example in the case when the grant is divided up between several users. When a working grant is converted to annual earnings, its sum must be €3,778.59 or more (figure from 2016). You must take out an insurance within three months of beginning to work under a grant. More information is available from Mela.

Recipients of a personal 12-month grant can also be awarded an additional grant of approximately €200 for the purpose of taking out voluntary supplementary life insurance. This insurance covers accident insurance, medical expense insurance, and life insurance, and is valid for a continuous period of one year starting from the withdrawal of the first grant payment. We take care of the insurance on behalf of the grant recipients by sending information on the persons who are eligible for the additional grant to Benefit Advisors Oy, who will then contact the grant recipients in order to set up the agreed insurance policies. Additional grants can only be awarded to persons who work in Finland.








Usage and discontinuation of a grant

A grant must be used for the purpose for which it was awarded. Grant payments can be interrupted and the usage period of the grant extended because of, for example, full-time employment, parental leave, or illness. The main rule is that the grant term can be pushed back once, for a duration of max. 12 months, starting from the time the grant was awarded.

If you are awarded other forms of financing, you become employed, or if the essential purpose for which the grant is used changes, please notify us immediately.  The Foundation must also be informed of parental leaves, lengthy sick leaves or part-time employment.

Cancelling a grant

If a grant has not been withdrawn within two years of the date it was awarded, it is cancelled without a separate notification. Grants are cancelled if the work for which the grant was awarded is not performed. If the grant has not been used in line with instructions, the unpaid share of the grant can be cancelled, and the sum that has been paid out reclaimed.


Grant recipients must file grants awarded by the Kordelin Foundation in their income tax return.  Each year, the Foundation will inform the tax authorities of the grants that have been paid out to natural persons. More information  on the pages of the Council of Finnish Foundations.

Grant usage report

A report on how the grant was used must be delivered to the Foundation no later than a year after the final payment of the grant was paid out. The manager in charge is responsible for reporting the work of projects and working groups. If the grant has been awarded for work to be performed over many years, such as a second or third year grant for a major cultural event, the applicant must file an interim report which demonstrates that the project is proceeding as planned. Grant recipients can apply for new grants only after they have delivered the final/interim report of their previous project. Fill in the report in the grant online service. Reports must not be sent via email or be mailed to the Foundation.