Grants are awarded to private individuals, groups and collectives for literary work, the performing arts, translating literature into Finnish, and for mass communications. Grants for literature research are awarded in the sciences sector. As a rule, grants are not awarded to same work for the second year running.

Application period: 1. to 31. August 2017
Decision: October 2017

Finnish citizens and citizens of other countries who reside in Finland can apply for grants. If the Foundation has awarded you a grant before, the report on how the grant was used must be delivered to the Foundation before applying a new grant.

Personal full year grant, max. amount is €24 000 and personal half year grant, max. amount is €12 000. The applicant may also determine the amount of the grant as well as the number of working months covered by the grant. For a project the Foundation may award a grant maximum € 30 000.

You can include expenses such as material expenses, assistant expenses and purchased services into your work.  Mela, the insurer of grant recipients, will accept that expenses account for half of the received grant. Funding for both living costs and expenses can be applied for with the same application form. Groups can apply for working grants which will, if awarded, be divided amongst group members. Collectives can refer to cooperatives, registered associations or cultural collectives.

The Foundation can award funding for work which begins, at its earliest, in October of the year the grant was awarded. As a rule, grants are paid out during the year after the year when the grant was awarded, and are to be used within two years of the time they were awarded. Grants are awarded for one year at a time.

It is a prerequisite for receiving a grant that the recipient does not work elsewhere fulltime. Receiving another working grant or unemployment benefits during the grant period is also not allowed. The grants cover employment pension insurance, occupational accident insurance, and group life insurance. More information is available at Mela.

Applications are assessed by the Foundation’s team of experts, and decisions on awarded grants are made by the Board of Directors of the Alfred Kordelin Foundation. The Foundation does not disclose the names of the experts who assess the applications.

If we are receiving applications now, please read instructions for applicants

Literature grants 2016

93Awarded grants

Distribution of grants

Performing arts

Mass communications

Circus art

Translating literature into Finnish

Average grant6 779 €
Total amount of awarded grants632 320€
Awarde grants, total
Grant types
Grants for literature are awarded for the following purposes

Grant for literary work, for example writing a novel, a collection of poems or essays, or a play.


Translating literature into Finnish
Grant for translating a novel or a collection of essays, for example, into Finnish.


Performing arts
Grant for preparing a play, a circus performance or another type of production, and for organising events.


Mass communications
Grant for work in journalism.

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