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January 2021 grant application

In January 2021, major cultural project grants and smaller grants from the Foundation’s city and dedicated funds application will be open.

The application period for both applications starts on Friday, January 1, 2021 and ends on Sunday, January 31, 2021. The grant is applied for in the online grant service by registering as an applicant and filling in an electronic form. Decisions on the January application will be made in March 2021. The Foundation’s office will normally serve applicants until December 23, and thereafter on Monday, January 4, by email and phone from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Major Cultural Project Grants

A Major cultural project grant can be awarded to a research and/or cultural project with a contemporary focus. The objective is to finance efforts which, when successful, lead to exceptionally significant cultural and societal results, and build the future of Finnish science, arts, and education.Our objective is to make sizeable projects possible by financing them either in their entirety, or by being one of their main financiers.

The major cultural project grant is awarded only for two-year projects. The grant is applied for in one application for two years. The duration of the grant is 1.4. – 31.3.The size of a two-year Major cultural project grant is €100,000 at minimum, and €300,000 at maximum. In the application form, the applicant will state which sum is requested for the first and for the second year.

Read more and read the application instructions: Grants – Major cultural projects

Grants froM city funds and dedicated funds

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation has nine city funds and seven dedicated funds. In addition to the Funds fulfilling the purpose of the Foundation, each Fund has its own local or specific mission. In 2021, the foundation will award a total of approximately 0.2 MEUR in grants and prizes through city and dedicated funds. Most of funds have a public application in January each year. Grants can range from a few hundred to a few thousand euros.

Read more and read the application instructions for each fund: Grants – City funds and dedicated funds

Funds with a public application round in January 2021:

Huittinen Fund
Lappeenranta Fund
Nokia City Fund
Raahe Fund
Rauma Fund
Savonlinna Fund
Seinäjoki Fund
Gust. Kompa fund (chemistry)


Additional information

Major cultural projects grants
CEO Erik Båsk
phone 040 825 8071

City and dedicated fund grants
Office of the Alfred Kordelin Foundation
phone 050 439 3661