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The Alfred Kordelin Foundation awards €3.9 million in annual grants

In this autumn’s application round, the Alfred Kordelin Foundation awarded a total of €3.9 million to science, arts, and public education. A total of 210 grants were awarded, with one-year full-time grants awarded to 87 professionals. Grants are used e.g. for writing fiction, preparing theatre productions, and finalizing dissertations. The Foundation received 1,845 applications.

– The Kordelin Foundation supports a wide spectrum of science, the arts, and public education. The Foundation’s task is to enable researchers and artists to work on their chosen topics for a year or six months, depending on their need, explains Erik Båsk, Managing Director of the Alfred Kordelin Foundation.

– We have made each field’s application criteria more concrete and specific, allowing the grants awarded by Kordelin to support in the best way possible the funding from other grant foundations and the third sector. If a doctoral student, for example, has managed to almost complete their dissertation with a four-year grant from another foundation, we will take care of the final year. For the sciences, we actually award grants solely for dissertation finalization work. The goal is that at the end of the grant period, the researcher can submit their work for preliminary examination, and move on to either academic or other type of employment.

€1.9 million awarded to the arts

The Foundation awards grants for professional artistic work in the following fields: visual arts, performing arts, music, applied arts and arts and crafts, architecture, literature, and translating literature into Finnish. Grants for the arts were awarded in the total sum of €1.9 million.

24 grants were awarded for visual arts, 23 for literature and translating literature into Finnish, and 21 grants for the performing arts. It was most difficult to receive a grant if you had submitted an application in the fields of literature or the performing arts, where 7-8% of the applicants received a grant. We were delighted to notice that compared to last year, a higher percentage received a grant in many artistic fields.

Grants for sciences in the amount of €1.2 million

The Foundation awarded grants in the total amount of €1.2 million for sciences. The humanities, physical sciences, and social sciences each received approximately 20 grants. 14 to 18% of the applicants received a grant.

A total of €0.8 million was awarded for lifelong learning, journalism, and non-fiction. The largest number of grants, i.e. 19, was awarded for non-fiction. 12% of the applicants received a grant.

Annual grants, €3.9 million

  • 72 grants for science, in the amount of €1.2 million
  • 100 grants for the arts, in the amount of €1.9 million
  • 38 grants for public education (journalism, non-fiction, and support to lifelong learning) in the amount of €0.8 million

Annual grant recipients include for example the following



Director, scriptwriter Elena Sulin received a grant of €26,000 for the preparation and development of a long documentary film on racism.


Noora Kauppila, Master of Music, received a grant of €26,000 for composing and writing the lyrics to a performance that explores the traditions of spell casting and the auditive qualities of pollinators.


Author Tomi Kontio received a grant of €26,000 for finalizing a series of children’s books.


Laura Piispanen, Master of Science, received a grant of €26,000 for finalizing a dissertation on the topic of quantum physics through participatory art and games.

All grant recipients are listed at https://kordelin.fi/apuraha/


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