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The Foundation’s major grants were awarded on March 19, 2021

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation has awarded around one million euros in grants for five science and culture projects. Also smaller grants, nearly 70 grants were awarded from Foundation’s city- and dedicated funds.

A Major cultural project grant can be awarded to a research and/or cultural project with a contemporary focus. The objective is to finance efforts which, when successful, lead to exceptionally significant cultural and societal results, and build the future of Finnish science, arts, and education. The major cultural project grants were awarded to five collectives, the total of EUR 899,000.

Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR), University of Helsinki: EUR 250,000 grant for the implementation of an art exhibition combining science and art

Tampere university, professor Pertti Haapala and postdoctoral researcher Heikki Kokko: EUR 279,000 grant for the Translocalis research project

Bad Dog Production/Kimmo Ohtonen: EUR 120,000 grant for  a documentary Mountain fox and a non-fiction book about the life of a fox. The works show the consequences of climate change in the Arctic.

Romano Missio: EUR 100,000 grant for archiving and publishing its own material. Material on this project is also published in the collections of the National Archives.

The Finno-Ugrian Society, Professor Ulla-Maija Forsbergs’s group: EUR 150,000 for a project to bring together a pioneer in language research Matthias Alexander Castrén’s research materials

The Foundation will publish the names of the grant recipients on the Foundation’s website during April. The awarding funds will announce the award recipients during the spring.

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Erik Båsk
Managing Director
Alfred Kordelin Foundation