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The grant application will end soon – Last-minute technical tips

Application period and office opening hours

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation’s August application ends on Monday 15 August at 24:00 Finnish time. Applications must be submitted via the grants online service by the deadline. Late applications or attachments will not be processed and cannot be submitted afterwards.

The deadline for statements related to PhD dissertations and post-doctoral research is Monday, August 22, 2022 at midnight Finnish time. Diplomas and dissertation permits can also be submitted to the grants online service by Monday 22 August by 24.00. Note! The deadline only applies to doctoral degree applications in science and arts.

The foundation’s office will serve applicants by email and phone on Monday, August 15. until 16:00 by e-mail and phone. Frequently asked questions and application requirements can be read on the foundation’s social media channels on Facebook and Instagram.

Foundation’s Office
toimisto@kordelin.fi | tel. +358 50 439 3661

Grants online service and login

Net banking identification of Mobile ID Identification  is required for grant applications. No other login method is available for the August 2022 application round. You cannot apply for a personal grant using another applicant’s bank ID. To use the mobile ID identification, you need a Finnish social security number and a mobile phone number. Activate the Mobile ID at the mobile operator’s store.
Log in to the service here: Grants online service

Technical tips and instructions for filling out the application form

Submitting an application

  • Remember to send the application! The application has been sent when a confirmation appears on the screen.
  • There will be no separate acknowledgment of the successful submission of the application to the e-mail.
  • The application has been sent when its status has changed from “Incomplete” to “Sent” in the application service. Don’t leave sending the application to the last minute!


  • If the grant online service will not allow you to send application form, check that you have filled in all the sections carefully and attached the mandatory appendices.
  • The application will not be submitted if one of the mandatory attachments is missing.
  • Check the criteria and attachments for the sector and applicant on the foundation’s website:
    Science: https://kordelin.fi/en/grants-science


  • The submission of the application can be canceled and the application edited within the application period with the following instructions:
    • The application can be edited when the status of the application is “In progress”.
    • Within the application period, the sending of the application can be canceled and the application can be returned for editing by opening the sent application and pressing “Cancel sending the application to the Alfred Kordelin Foundation”.
    • The information in the application will not be lost, even if you cancel the submission of the application.
    • Make the changes, remember to save and submit the application again.
    • The application has been sent when its status is “Sent” in the application list.
    • After the end of the application period, the application can no longer be edited or submitted (except in science, you can attach a degree diploma and a dissertation permit by August 22.)


  • Make sure that you enter the amount of the grant you are applying for only as whole numbers 26000, 13000 or 8600 (NO special characters, spaces or € sign or text).
  • The same instructions also apply to the Other financing field.


  • When applying for a grant as an collective,  attach the curriculum vitae of the person responsible for the project (e.g. the project manager or coordinator of the project or the person responsible for the project and its implementation)
  • All attachments must be in pdf format. If the attachment is too large, the system issues an error message. Reduce the size of the attachment and try attaching the attachment again.


  • For questions related to applying for a grant and filling out the application, contact toimisto@kordelin.fi
  • Technical problems related to the grant service (transfer of old data, error messages) hakemustuki@datalink.fi

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