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The last will of a murdered man

On Monday, 21 December at 6:30 p.m., Yle will show the documentary Murhatun miehen viimeinen tahto, or “the last will of a murdered man”.

“From such a great tragedy arises something as marvellous as the Kordelin Foundation’s cultural work during the 100 years of its history.” (Liisa Suvikumpu, Managing Director, Association of Finnish Foundations).

In the Mommila massacre of 1917, Alfred Kordelin, known as the richest businessman in Finland, is murdered during his own birthday party. Finland is in shock – but the surprises do not end there. It is revealed that in his will, Kordelin has given a significant part of his fortune to the people of the destitute country that just recently gained its independence – to support Finnish science, arts, culture, and education.

Under the leadership of Kordelin’s attorney Risto Ryti, a foundation is established: it will go on to have an unparalleled and historical impact on the Finnish language, society, and the Finns – on us all. The Foundation’s first grants were awarded in April 1920, and this practice has continued without interruption up until our days.

Murhatun miehen viimeinen tahto tells the astonishing story of Finland’s growth from a new viewpoint.

In addition to historians and Foundation stakeholders, we hear the voices of grant recipients from a 100 year period – including Mika Waltari, author, Väinö Auer, explorer, Rauli Virtanen, journalist, Juha Hurme, author, and Emma Jääskeläinen, visual artist.

The documentary is directed by Elizabeth Aaltonen, and edited by Sanna Liinamaa. Script: Kristiina Koskinen, Elizabeth Aaltonen, and Sanna Liinamaa. The documentary is available also in Yle Areena from 21 December 2020 onwards.

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