The Alfred Kordelin General Progress and Education Fund supports science and culture. Application periods are in August and January of each year.

August application round

Application period for main fund in August yearly. Application period is 1-15.8.2018. Grants are awarded for sciences, literature, arts and public education.


biology and the environment, geosciences and geography, behavioural sciences, social sciences...


literature, performing arts, translating literature into Finnish


visual arts, music, dance, applied arts and handicrafts, doctoral studies in the arts

Public Education

non-fiction and fact-based publications, mass communications, projects that support lifelong learning

 January application round

Application period for Major cultural projects and city funds and dedicated funds.

Major cultural project grants

Projects can run for one year or for several years, and you can apply for grants from the Kordelin Foundation for one or two years. The number of grants awarded each year varies from one to five. If a project receives funding for two years, applications must still be drawn up separately for each year of operations.

City funds and dedicated funds

The grants awarded from city funds to private individuals, working groups and collectives support local culture. Grants from dedicated funds are awarded in the fields of chemistry, pediatric heart disease, and research into Estonian and other Finno-Ugric languages. Moreover, the funds award prizes for youth sports and Finnish culinary culture. The size of the grant varies from a few hundred euros to a few thousand euros.

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The grant is for Doctors of Philosophy who work in a non-Finnish university for at least one academic year.

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The name of the fund is in Swedish, Alfred Kordelins stiftelse; and in English, Alfred Kordelin Foundation.