For Referees

NB! Only private individuals can apply for a grant in the field of sciences. Grants are not awarded starting a Ph.D work.

A statement on the progress of the work is required if the applicant is applying for a grant for the following purposes:

  • writing a Ph.D.;
  • Ph.D. degrees in art, or
  • post-doctoral research.

Statements are provided by the supervisor of the work, upon the request of the applicant. If your work does not have an officially appointed supervisor during the post doc phase, statements from other persons who know your research well are also accepted. Statements should not be appended to other types of applications: arts, literature and public education.


If you apply for a grant for research, ask your supervisor to provide a statement on the progress of your work in the online service.

In order to use the service, a supervisor has to registrate first. Do not send a statement to the Foundation by post or by e-mail.

A statement has to be sent to the Foundation no later than 15.9.2018 24:00 Finnish time.