Post Doc Pool

The grant is for Doctors of Philosophy who work in a non-Finnish university for at least one academic year. The grant covers the expenses of the research period in their entirety.

Application period: 15.8.–15.9.2019
Decision: December 2019

Each year, the Kordelin Foundation awards Post Doc Pool grants to 4-5 individuals. The Foundations’ Post Doc Pool (2019–2021) is set up by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation, the Emil Aaltonen Foundation, Foundation for Economic Education, the Paulo Foundation, Finnish Academy of Science and Letters, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Finnish Medical Foundation, the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Svenska Litteratursällskapet, Tekniikan edistämissäätiö, the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation, and the Ulla Tuominen Foundation; each year, participants invest a total of €3.2 million in the pool.

Apply for the grant directly at post doc -pool.

Further information

Mikko Olavi Seppälä, Co-ordinator / Foundations’ Post Doc Pool
Tel. 09 400-868 006