Major cultural projects

A Major Cultural Project grant is intended to projects in the field of science, art, societal activities or various combinations thereof.

A Major Cultural Project produces significant cultural and societal results, and build the future of Finnish science, arts, and culture. We especially appreciate open-mindedness and new openings.

Our objective is to make sizeable projects possible by financing them either in their entirety, or by being one of their main financiers. The grant is for two years, a total between € 100,000 and € 300,000.

You can find out about previous major cultural projects here (in Finnish)

Application period: 1.–31.1.2022
Decision: March 2022

These grants can be applied for by collectives, registered associations, and companies. A working group consisting of private individuals (e.g. a research team) can apply only if the applicant is for example a university, or a registered association. Private individuals may not apply for these grants.

Grants are awarded for work and expenses that accrue after the grant was awarded.

Grants are not awarded for construction projects, or in support of the basic operations of an organisation.


Major cultural project grants are awarded only for projects that have a duration of two years. One application is made for the two-year grant period. Grant usage period is every year from 1 April to 31 March.

In exceptional cases, the Foundation may award grants for the same purpose for a new two-year period. In such cases, the project leader draws up a final report, and applies for the grant with a new application. A Major cultural project grant can be awarded for a maximum total period of four years.


The size of a two-year Major cultural project grant is €100,000 at minimum, and €300,000 at maximum. In the application form, the applicant will state which sum is requested for the first and for the second year. The sum does not need to be evenly divided between the years.

Example project 1, minimum
Grant applied for the first year is €60,000 + grant applied for the second year is €40,000 = €100,000 in total

Example project 2, maximum
Grant applied for the first year is €200,000 + grant applied for the second year is €100,000 = €300,000 in total


The application service opens on January 1st, and the application period closes on 31 January 2022 at 24:00 (midnight). Applications and their appendices cannot be sent via regular mail or e-mail. If you are applying for a second consecutive two-year Major cultural event grant, complete your final report and make a new application to the Foundation no later than 31 January 2022.


  • CV of the project leader/leaders (mandatory)
  • An expanded work plan (mandatory). The expanded work plan must include tangible goals for both years of project operations.
  • Itemised project budget (mandatory)
  • Latest report on operations and financial statement (mandatory)

All appendices must be in pdf format.


Applications are evaluated by Alfred Kordelin Foundation’s multi-disciplinary team of experts. Shortlisted applicants are invited to present their projects in early March. Decisions on projects that will receive financing are made by the Board of Directors of the Foundation in March.

When assessing applications, we pay attention to the following:

  • the applicant has a clear view of what exceptionally significant results in the fields of science and/or art can be expected from the project. This is presented clearly and understandably in the application.
  • the project can realistically be launched. This means e.g. that the applicant can demonstrate there are partners or networks who are committed to participating in the project.
  • the applicant is experienced and ready to take on the responsibility of completing a sizeable project
  • the project is a body of work with a beginning and an end. The project plan and project budget are realistic
  • The share of the funding applied for from the Kordelin Foundation, own funding, and other parts of the funding are all clearly defined in the application. Own funding includes e.g. income from ticket sales, and performance spaces available free of charge. Other funding means financing from other stakeholders who support the project, such as other foundations, companies, and public funding
  • the applicant has excellent communications and marketing capabilities
  • the applicant explains how the success of the project will be measured


Submit the interim report for the first year of operations by 31 January 2022 to the online grant service. It is a prerequisite for paying out the grant of the second year that the project leader has submitted an interim report, verifying that the project has moved forward according to plans. If the interim report has not been submitted, or the project has not moved forward according to plans, the Foundation cannot pay out the grant for the second year.

We will stay in touch with project stakeholders also during the project.


Submit the project’s Final Report no later than one month from project closure, using the online grant service. The Final Report will be reviewed together with representatives from the Foundation in an assessment discussion. If you are applying for a second consecutive two-year Major cultural event grant, complete your final report and make a new application to the Foundation no later than 31 January 2022.

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