Month: April 2019

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City funds and dedicated funds grants 2019

Alfred Kordelin Foundations has 15 city funds and dedicated funds. The 2019 scholarships and prizes have been shared during the April. Funds organized award-ceremonies locally. Grants and prizes were awarded 20.3.2019 by the board of Alfred Kordelin Foundation. In 2019 Kordelin City funds awarded grants and prizes for private individuals, working groups and collectives support…

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The results of the post doc –pooli’s spring application round

On 2nd April 2019 the Säätiöiden post doc -pooli foundations awarded some 1.56 million euro to 31 post-doctoral scholars. Altogether 140 post-doctoral scholars from around Finland took part in the spring application round. Through the pool, Alfred Kordelin Foundation awarded a grant to PhD Kaarlo Havu (€ 55,000). Thus a grant could be awarded to…