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Grants from City funds and Dedicated funds were awarded

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation has awarded 70 grants and smaller prizes from the city and dedicated funds for local arts, culture and science. In total, grants and prizes were awarded from the funds 172,000 euros. The grants and awards are announced per fund during April.

We have sent all applicants information about the decisions by e-mail. We will publish the names of the grant and award recipients on the Foundation’s website during April.

The grant decision and instructions for withdrawing the grant can be found on the Grant online service starting from the time indicated in the application email. Please read the grant recipient’s instructions regarding the use of the grant. You can also find more information for grant usage on our website: For grant recipient

The application period for city and target funds was January 1-31, 2024. A total of 353 applications and award proposals were received.

Further information

Saara Terva
Grant Coordinator
Alfred Kordelin Foundation
tel. +358 40 125 3010