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January application round 1.-31.1

Grant application round for major cultural projects, city funds and dedicated funds are open now. The application period is 1-31.1.2020. Apply in grant online service.

Major cultural project grants to collectives, registered associations, and companies. Collectives etc. are eligible to apply for these grants. A working group consisting of private individuals (e.g. a research team) can only apply if the applicant is for example a university, or a registered association. Private individuals may not apply for these grants.

Grants are awarded for work and expenses that accrue after the grant was awarded. Grants are not awarded for construction projects, or in support of the basic operations of an organisation. Major cultural project grants are awarded only for projects that last two years. One application is used to apply for the grant for the two-year period. The time period when the grant must be used is from 1 April to 31 March annually.

City funds and dedicated funds to private individuals, working groups and collectives.


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