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The Kordelin Foundation awarded EUR 3.6 million in grants

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary, has awarded the Alfred Kordelin Prize to author Kari Aronpuro, photographer Marja Pirilä, professor of adult education Jyri Manninen and professor of Northern European and Baltic languages Anneli Sarhimaa. The value of each prize is 30,000 euros.

In addition to the awards, the Alfred Kordelin Foundation distributed EUR 3.6 million in grants to science and culture. The foundation allocated about two million euros to fiction, visual and performing arts and music, one million euros to science and 0.6 million euros to other support to society.

The decision’s of August grant application have been sent by e-mail for all the applicants at the end of the October. If you have not received any e-mail from us, contact our office.

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