The Kordelin Foundation awards The New York Residence grant and Villa Lante Grant.

Application period: No application period 2018

The New York residence

The New York residence grant is aimed at artists who are in the early or middle stages of their career. In 2017, the Alfred Kordelin Foundation will award a grant of €12,000 to two artists, for the purpose of working for six months in New York.

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation has concluded a cooperation agreement with the international residence programme International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP), based in Brooklyn, New York. Apply for grants at online service, which opens 1.4.2017. Applications are assessed by the Foundation’s art experts, and the artists are selected by the Board of Directors of the Kordelin Foundation.


The Alfred Kordelin Foundation awards a grant of €12,000, to be used over a six-month period. The purpose of the grant cannot be altered and the grant cannot be handed over to another person.


The Alfred Kordelin Foundation will pay the rent of the artist’s working space for the working period. The first artist will begin his/her work at ISCP in the beginning of January. The term is six months, and will end in the end of June. The term of the next artist will begin in the beginning of July, and end at the end of the year. During both terms, ISCP will organise a so-called Open Studio exhibition. The studio is high, light and enables various forms of artistic work.


When the residence term begins, the artist can move directly to an apartment located close to ISCP. Lodgings are provided for the artist in residence by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation and the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York. For the duration of the working term, the Foundation will pay the rent of the apartment. Family members, if any, accompanying the artist may also stay at the apartment. Visitors to the city may not be accommodated in the apartment.

Visa and insurance

The recipient of the grant should apply for a so-called B1 or B2 visa to the United States. The visa should be applied for several weeks in advance. The ISCP and the Finnish Cultural Institute in New York will assist in applying for the visa. Grant recipients must themselves take care of their statutory pension insurance and for valid insurance coverage in case of illness etc.

If you receive a grant

Grant recipients must deliver a free-form report on grant usage to the Alfred Kordelin Foundation no later than two months after the residence period has ended.

Finnish Cultural Institute in New York

Develops and maintains the networks and visibility of Finnish architects, designers and visual artists in North America. The Cultural Institute is a non-profit organisation registered in the United States, and one of a network of Finnish cultural institutes abroad. The offices of the Institute are located in Manhattan, New York, and the offices of the Institute’s Foundation in Helsinki.

Working group Teija ja Pekka Isorättyä and Anna Nykyri are artists in residence in New York 2017.

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Alfred Kordelin Foundation
Marita Seitsalo
+358 9 6840 1234

Villa Lante artist residence

Alfred Kordelin Foundation awards grants to be used in Villa Lante 2017. Applications are assessed by the Alfred Kordelin Foundation and Institutum Romanum Finlandaie, and the artists are selected by the Board of Directors of the Kordelin Foundation.

Application period starts 1. April and ends 28. April 2017 at 16:00 pm. Apply directly IRF-Foundation.

Working group Petri Hytönen & Marika Kaarna, Eeva-Liisa Isomaa and Pia Männikkö are artists in residence in Villa Lante 2017.

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